Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Racial beatings in San Jacinto Valley linked to Obama election, police say - Five Grave Attacks - Hemet and Riverside County in Southern California

Kicking Unconscious Latinos on the Floor - Grave Injuries
Five Grave Attacks in Hemet and Riverside County, Southern California
The Press Enterprise
Racial beatings in San Jacinto Valley linked to Obama election, police say

January 18, 2009

Some excerpts :

Local police believe five recent attacks on minorities in the San Jacinto Valley may stem from a backlash to the election of Barack Obama as the first black president in U.S. history.

Hemet police and Riverside County gang detectives said the beatings, which occurred in the weeks following Obama's election, appeared to be racially motivated and they fear more racial violence during his presidency.

Ten days after the election, a 19-year-old Hispanic man was stomped on and beaten to the point that he required life support, Hemet police Lt. Jeff Pinney said. Police said the attack appeared to be provoked "by racial hatred alone," Pinney stated in a report.

The attack, and the other four, were believed to have been carried out by the Hemet-based white supremacist group, the COORS Family Skins criminal street gang, Richards said. The gang, which also has roots in Big Bear, has existed for about a decade and stands for "Comrades of our Racist Struggle."


  1. If Obama had any thinking brain at all, any concern or love for his fellow man, he would not have ran for president. He has made America a more dangerous place.
    I don't expect him to act like a Christian when he clearly isn't one. He said if the winds turn ugly he will side with the Muslims where according to him the "prettiest sound on earth" is the Muslim call to prayer.
    His behaviour is nothing more than a continuance of the Gandhi inspired MLK "dream" to gain through forces, demonstrations, marches, lawsuits and threats and violence where many have died, the "promised land" (White House)
    These beatings of Hispanics is uncalled for; but it is a sign from what I understand of reality that now that a Black is president, it is another "reason" for anyone to stomp on a Hispanic as one "inferior" not only to whites as many believe, but now inferior also to Blacks.
    A Black told me online that Hispanics are jealous of Blacks because Blacks have succeeded where Hispanics haven't.
    This is his attitude.
    In truth the Blacks have not succeeded, it is that they have finally forced the country by threat of violence to submit to them.
    Hispanics don't do this.

  2. Dear Friend Janie :

    You said :

    His behaviour is nothing more than a continuance of the Gandhi inspired MLK "dream" to gain through forces, demonstrations, marches, lawsuits and threats and violence where many have died, the "promised land"

    Gandhi and Martin Luther King where Great Men of Peace that always used a Non Violent Behaviour for Political Action. They never used Force, Violence or Threats to obtain anything. They have a Great Place in Future History Books.

    Mr Obama is a follower in continuation of the policies of these Very Great Men. And he will be a Great President.

    Most Blacks in America do not hate Hispanics, and Mr Obama is a friend of Hispanics. Whites have absolutely nothing to fear of President Obama.

    Most Arabs and Muslims are excellent people and we can befriend them. Obama is not a Muslim, and if he were that would not mean that he is a Bad Guy.

    Many Blacks have succeeded like Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods and many others, even if they had to overcome greater obstacles than other races.

    I am worried that you are reading White Supremacist Literature with a lot of lies. Go to places like Southern Poverty Law Center, or to the website of Barack Obama to see the many lies that are sown by fanatics, and racist bigots.

    You will be a happier person if you get friends of other races different from yours. This is true for everybody. White Supremacists are usually a gathering of sociopaths, youngsters of troubled or dysfunctional families, with many inferiority complexes and inadequacies, prone to violence, brutality and madness even before being recruited.

    Vicente Duque

  3. Vicente said to me..."I am worried that you are reading White Supremacist Literature with a lot of lies. Go to places like Southern Poverty Law Center, or to the website of Barack Obama to see the many lies that are sown by fanatics, and racist bigots."

    Are you calling me a bigot?
    Would you like to see my pic?
    I will be glad to show you my pic on My Space.
    If you see my picture then you will understand why I think as I do.

  4. Dear Janie :

    It is good and beautiful to have friends, and as my Old Grandmother used to say :

    "All children and adolescents are beautiful, all young people are beautiful .. Never say that someone is ugly, unless it is an old Hag like me."

    So, I would like to see your picture.

    But I saw your website :

    Dr Heartache - or - The Pink Angel

    The Art is very beautiful and tender and I congratulate you for it. You are young indeed.

    You have love for Art, for Tenderness, for Fantasy and Imagination, for Dreams, you love country music and bluegrass.

    You even like some type of Friendship that is not all-inclusive, and that is the problem.

    I was disheartened of seeing so much prejudice and false information about Obama.

    America is in a swamp of Sadism and Brutality in Two Criminal Wars, and Hate inside. That is a problem bigger than the Economy.

    A Great Historian said that the Biggest Historical Problem, Now at the Present Times, is the Two Wars of Iraq and Afghanistam.

    I am not sure if Obama can save America from such collection of crimes and murders, in Iraq, Afghanistan and inside the Homeland.

    It is a moral crisis, above all.

    You are a deeply religious person, I am not religious at all.

    "The Devil is the best interpreter of the Bible", that is the Bible can be interpreted by the most wicked persons and by sheer evil, the men that caused these heinous two wars are deeply religious fools or great hypocrites.

    Of course, I do not believe in the Devil.

    But a Pope said that the most Devilish Prank of the Devil is to persuade us that he does not exist. ( The pope was perhaps making fun, literary acumen )

    "Hey Folks, come on, I am the devil but I do not exist."

    That is why the most criminal minds explain that "I do things for the good of Humans".

    I do not honor the military, and I do not respect Jingoism, Militarism and Chauvinism. I abhor them.

    I have a great repugnance for exalted patriotism. It is repellent for me that Power commit acts of Sadism, Brutality, Torture, inHumanity, Murder, Cruelty, Oppression, destruction, Bastardy and EXTREME COWARDICE.

    And later that Power presents itself as the Epithome of Kindness and Humanity. Or as the representative of "Democracy, Freedom and Liberty" when they are practicing Invasion, Occupation, Oppression and Slavery.

    Go ahead with your websites and your ministry of Religion. But please take a look at the Evil practiced by those that you admire so much.

    And Yes, the World would be the Worse with John McCain and his ridiculous militarism and jingoism. He is a man or Irrationality, to be kind with him.

    Vicente Duque

  5. Dear Janie :

    I posted my letter to you on MILENIALS.COM


    in this website :


    And I added two links to to your "Dr Heartache" and your profile. So that people can consult your ideas and your beautiful art.

    I hope that this is not bothersome to you. I hope you do not mind.

    I added some notes or preambles, explaining that MILENIALS.COM is concerned with Youth and as such every Trend and Idea that comes from Young People is important.

    Your sites have a lot of Youthfulness and Freshness. Even if I do not share your dislike for Obama.

    I support and love the Obama Administration because they are a vehicle to solve the most horrible Historical Problem of our time : The Two Cruel Wars of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    They are going to be more important in History Books than the Economy ( which will be "easily" repaired )

    Have a Nice Day

    Vicente Duque

  6. Vicente, my Dear Dr Heartache blog is my ventriloquist site where I can laugh. I have a sense of humor. I do it all for fun and laugh as I write all those problems that I solve. LOL.
    The art is not mine, but from Sabrina dolls. I love dolls.
    I respect your right to believe what you want...so goes the world my friend.
    I am not a republican or democrat. I am an Independent voter, though I will vote no more, it is not even worth my time.
    I am not religious. I am a Christian with a ministry for God.
    Obama will not solve this war. He is a man of the world and knows nothing of the soldiers and their lives.
    Never mind that anymore...ho hum and yawn....
    I agree with you that war is a evil thing. I love the Iraqi and Afghanistan people as well all people.
    I am not young. I am not old.
    Thanks for putting my link there and have a great day!

  7. Dear Janie :

    Let us talk of something light !
    Let us talk of Dolls : The Nordic Barbie and the Latina "Dora the Explorer". And let us talk about the "First Dog" at the White House :

    I was surprised reading professor Hua Hsu of Vassar College and "The End of White America ?"

    Click this link please :

    Hua Hsu and "The End of White America ?"

    That Dora outsells Barbie in many places :

    Dora the Explorer is outselling Barbie in many places

    The Professor Hua Hsu has a great sense of humor and he takes the good sales of Dora as a "Cultural" phenomenon.

    I can talk a lot of dolls because I am a man and that is considered girlish thinking of dolls but the truth is that I have always loved cartoons, comics, Fantasy Movies, Childish things. And when I was traveling I used to buy dolls for my little sisters.

    So I am sure that you are very young, even if you deny. I do not know your age, but I am sure that you are a Youthful Spirit, I detect your heart of Youth and Enthusiasm for Life. Even if you write very pessimistic things about Mr Obama and about America.

    But cheer up, America and the World will improve in every sense with Mr Obama. And in the most important sense that is the Moral and Ethical sense.

    Mr Obama closed the Guantanamo Prison in his day 2 as president. I am so happy, because it was a place of horrible tortures like water boarding, these tortures acknowledged by Government Officials.

    So cheer up, think of the Good Things that are going to happen.

    Have a Nice Day, and post something in your site about Sasha and Malia, and about Ms Michelle the wife of Obama.

    Say something nice about the Presidential family, even if you dislike Mr Obama. Do not be afraid to be light, trivial, like the fashion magazines or People Magazine.

    Be light and love the family in the White House.

    Ms Michelle is said to be Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy ( or Oanssis ) number two. That is loved by the media, the fashion magazines, the magazines of light trivia and frivolities.

    Please post something nice about them, and later you write to me. And I will post a link or several links to your posts on the beautiful presidential family and in my blogspot sites.

    Your Friend :

    Vicente Duque

  8. What? Me say something nice about Michelle Obama? Like what?
    Hmm...can't think of one thing to say nice about her. I remember when she closed down that plant in La Junta, Colorado that put many Hispanics out of work.
    Google it.
    I will write a problem about her and give the solution on my Dear Dr Heartache page.
    Vicente, I do not see the world as many see it. I see it through the Bible and from what I see and many Bible students see is the end of America.
    I don't know what I could possibly say about Obama that is positive.
    Give me a hint....

  9. "the end of America" ?

    Extremely pessimistic.

    Cheer up, dear Friends. America is for a New Age of Progress.

    The Obama Family :

    Say that the two girls Sasha and Malia are nice and cute. And that they are well behaved Girls.

    Say that the yellow dress of Ms Obama at the Inauguration was very beautiful and elegant and that she is a Great Lady.

    Comment about the School of Sasha and Malia and their studies.

    "All Girls are beautiful and nice" - My Old Grandmother used to say.

    Look for Art that depicts Michelle or the two girls or all the Family, or Mr Obama. In a positive and nice way. Or in cartoons and comics that are not offensive. Look for the Spiderman Comics with Obama.

    I hope that I can see you working on these topics or any other thing that is not so pessimistic.

    America is going to be a more Moral and Ethical Country with Mr Obama. And the USA will be more respected for that.

    Good Luck in your notes, art and posts. And let me know what you do.

    Vicente Duque