How to Accelerate Android Tablet

How to Accelerate Android Tablet | Sometimes we feel angry when the tablet is very important to work but the performance is very slow Android Tablet. To exit because the old Android tablet performance. follow these steps
  1. See Programs / Applications Running in a way tap Settings> Apps> Scroll right to select running
  2. Use Startup Cleaner: Some applications will normally activated automatically when your tablet is turned on. Possible applications are indispensable application your tablet, although there is another possibility that some applications are not necessary.
  3. Clear cache, cache memory is useful to make your Android tablet devices faster. Elements that are often used are stored on the tablet so that they do not always need to be downloaded.
  4. Remove dynamic widgets by sliding up corner
  5. Turn off animations by means Settings> Display> Animation You can turn off the animation on android tablet systems.
  6. Turn off the wallpaper animation will consume memory and battery power more.
  7. Avoid synchronization you do not need a way to Settings> Accounts & sync. Synchronization application
  8. Turn off GPS when you are not using GPS


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