How to Use Password Tablet Android on Google Play

How to Use Password Tablet Android on Google Play

Android Tips | When you buy an app, game or features available on google play then we have to give money. What if we're wrong purchase applications we do not want?

Google Play gives feature prevents accidental application purchases. Follow the steps make use of the password Tablet Android on Google Play

Step 1: Look at your device icon Google Play Store
Step 2: Look at the top left corner there is a menu option Select Settings
Step 3: Look at the User Control tab and then select "Require Authentication For Purchase"
Step 4: There are three options, namely For All Purchases Trough Google Play on this device, Every 30 minutes, and Never. Select the one you want

If you Disabling password protection can lead to unauthorized purchases. You are responsible for all charges made on the account. so it is advisable to set password protection so that you are not disadvantaged in terms of the