Instagram Two New features in Android

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News Tablet-Instagram Two New features in Androidwho is not familiar with android applications, almost all users of smartphones based on Android, iOS can install this application because of the ease, which facilitates the application of photography is said to have released a new feature. Two new features Instagram can only be used by users of the Android OS to iOS users have to be patient because instagram also have made these two features for iOS users. two new features of Color and Fade. Instagram community have long requested that these two features are presented. And today, the demand for them has been reached. Color feature can be used to give color to the shadow or bright parts of an image. there are some colors are yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green, or cyan. and Fade feature can be used to fade the color of the photo. With Fade, two features an interesting additional feature after Instagram adds 5 new filter in the month of December.